March29 , 2023

    UK Charity Raises Record Breaking Donations


    Local Church Projects Have Lasting Impact on the Poor—Survey

    A Christian charity in the UK measured the monetary value equivalent to the positive effects that a local church can bring to its community.

    Churches in Malawi Respond with Shelter and Food After Deadly Cyclone

    The longest-ever recorded cyclone in history---lasting 36 days, hit southeast Africa and killed 522, injured more than 700 people, and left more than 345,000 people homeless.

    France Celebrates Bible Month

    This year's theme is "Solidarity in the light of the Bible" and more than 200 bookstores and libraries are joining.

    New Women’s Audio Bible Launched in the UK

    The first-ever audio Bible recorded solely by UK women launched on March 8, coinciding with International Women's Day.

    Notre Dame to Re-open in December 2024

    French officials announced that one of the country's most iconic buildings will welcome visitors and faithful by December 2024.


    Acts 435, an online Christian charity based in the UK, announced that it has raised record-breaking donations of over $122,000 (£100,000). The organization works with local churches and charities across the country and for 12 years since its operation, this is the most they’ve raised, reports Premier Christian News.

    “A lot of people certainly are experiencing the squeeze on one level or another, and I know a lot of charities are struggling with their general income,” said Acts 435 executive director Jenny Herrera. “This Christmas, we are doing a campaign around just £5 ($6), because we want people to feel that even if they can only spare £5 to help, their £5 will make a difference, so we really weren’t expecting this.”

    We’re a Christian charity, and we very much look to God for his provision, and he has been so faithful over the 12 years of the charity. —Jenny Herrera, Acts 435 executive director

    Herrera explained that many are aware of the condition of people in the UK and are willing to send help. “We’re a Christian charity, and we very much look to God for his provision, and he has been so faithful over the 12 years of the charity. That’s certainly what we’ve seen in this past month and hope to continue seeing over the winter.”

    Acts 435 launched a donation drive called “Just £5 for Christmas” asking the community to help those most in need. Many sources reported that a fifth of UK adults had little savings, and with the continuous increase in the cost of living, many families will struggle to keep their homes warm in the winter or even pay their bills.

    On its website, the charity appeals: “Therefore, this Christmas, we’re asking if you can join in with a community of other donors to support those most in need, and give #justfivepounds. If many of us give just five pounds, together with donations from others, we will help to lift a burden and bring hope to an individual, or family, this Christmas.”

    Herrera said there is a limit to how much a person could ask for through their organization. “Our limit is £150 ($180). So this isn’t the big things. It’s where we step in for a specific item that someone needs, where that small gift will make a big difference and 100 percent of what donors give goes directly to that need.”

    Through the Acts 435 website, applicants can ask for funds for certain items such as for food, basic appliances, or debt payment. “It might be a situation where people will just have very low income, who are just struggling to make ends meet, and when something goes wrong, they’ve got no buffer,” said Herrera. “We’re helping individuals, couples, families, whether they are on benefits, or whether it’s people just on low income…maybe they’re on zero hours or they’re homeless.”