December4 , 2022

    UK Charities Launch Video Series to Inspire Christians


    Group Gives 10,000 Bibles to London’s Children

    The Trinitarian Bible Society announced that over 10,000 Bibles have been given to London schools within three years.

    ‘Praise the Lord!’ Ukrainian Christians Cheer Kherson Liberation

    Ukrainian Christians celebrate the liberation of Kherson with cheers of praise and thanksgiving, seven months after Russia occupied the city.

    JESUS Film Makes History, Now Translated in 2,000 Languages

    The JESUS film makes history as it is now translated into its 2,000th language making it the most translated film of all time.

    U.S. Renews Calls Against Blasphemy Laws

    The United States joined 15 countries in expressing concern over international blasphemy laws.

    Franklin Graham Attracts Record-breaking Audience in Italy

    More than 13,200 people gathered for an evangelical outreach led by Franklin Graham in Milan, Italy on October 29.


    Two Christian charities in the UK have teamed up to highlight the global church response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Tearfund and Alpha UK have collaborated to launch a series of short films on how churches faced the problems brought by the crisis. Called Reactivate, the videos tell the stories of churches that safely distributed food and sanitary aid and offered mental and physical health support. It also has two pre-recorded talks and social media content that shares personal stories of how the church found a way to send support despite the restrictions.

    Many Christians felt isolated from church for more than a year due to the health protocol imposed by the government. Tearfund and Alpha UK hope that the five short films will help churches to re-engage and reactivate their congregations by sharing inspiring stories of Christian communities working together to help those severely affected by the pandemic.

    Sharing stories of hope is something that should excite and encourage us that God is alive and working amongst us. —Marie Aitken, Alpha’s England Lead

    In an interview with Premier Christian News, Ruth Tormey, Tearfund’s Head of Church and Supporter Engagement, said people have been fearful of the deadly virus, and the increasing number of cases and death toll were no help. Despite the negative news, there are still many stories that could uplift the spirit of the public. “The response from the churches worldwide has just been amazing. Church buildings might have had to close but that did not stop God’s people and his church responding, blessing and serving the local communities in the UK and around the world.”

    “We are excited to be sharing these stories of hope and compassion with churches across the UK,” added Tormey. “We’ve seen churches respond to the pandemic in incredible ways, and through our partner churches we’ve been able to deliver over 97,000 essential hygiene kits with soap and sanitizer and over 12,500 food parcels.”

    “Sharing stories of hope is something that should excite and encourage us that God is alive and working amongst us,” said Marie Aitken, Alpha’s England Lead. “These films are an exciting and easy way to engage church congregations in what our brothers and sisters in Christ are doing around the world.”

    The five films can be shown during in-person, online or hybrid services. Tearfund said the series can be viewed during the five Sundays in August, but can be shown at any time the church sees fit.

    Tormey said Tearfund partnered with Alpha following the great stories of churches helping their communities. “And because Alpha and Tearfund both believe in the Church and see it as God’s hands and feet into the world, I thought there’s no better way of sharing these stories of hope, these stories of transformation to just be an encouragement to Christians in the UK.”