March22 , 2023

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    Truth be told, most of us could use a bit more faith, an answer to a prayer or even a Christmas miracle.

    Once you hear about the more than 3,000 people who have received prayer sitting on Andy and Mary-Crothers Anderson’s ‘prayer couch’ located at Desert Chaple Thrift Store, your faith in miracles just might increase.

    The smell of carne asada mingled with the sounds of prayers and laughter wafted through the air Friday morning at the grand opening of Desert Chapel Thrift Store. More than fifty people gathered for the ribbon cutting and festivities in front of the store’s new location at 12052 Hesperia Rd. Suite #5 in Hesperia.

    Brad Letner, President and CEO of the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce acted as the master of ceremonies, introducing Mayor Pro Tem, Russ Blewett who congratulated owners, Andy Anderson and Mary Crothers-Anderson.

    “We are just so delighted to have you here. Hesperia is a business-friendly town and we welcome and congratulate you,” said Mayor Pro Tem Blewett.

    Andy and Mary Anderson with volunteers

    Shannon Dunkle, a representative from California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte presented the Andersons with a certificate in honor of the ribbon cutting.

    “This isn’t just a business. This is a ministry,” said friend and businessman, Jay Jeffress. “Each time I meet with the Andersons we pray together.”

    The Andersons have built a reputation throughout the community as what many would call ‘prayer warriors’. Although the store has moved locations several times, they continue to have a steady following of customers. Although more than 3,000 people have come by the store to receive encouragement and prayer while sitting on the infamous ‘prayer couch’, Andy and Mary give all the credit to the power of God.

    “The first time I realized the couch was special and blessed was after my husband prayed for a very distraught woman. Afterward, it was as if she had gained a new lease on life,” said Mary, an ordained minister.

    Andy says a few days after the first miracle on the Prayer Couch, another woman sat on it and was prayed for regarding her relationship with her estranged daughter. It had been four years since the woman had spoken to her daughter. Andy says she was heartbroken.

    Andy and Mary Anderson, and volunteer, Delphina Gutierrez

    “We were in awe when the next day the woman came in to tell us that at 2:45 p.m. the previous day, at the exact time of our prayer, her daughter finally called and left a message saying she wanted to reconcile.”

    People aren’t the only ones to benefit from the power of prayer. In February of last year, Debbie Turner from Apple Valley, a friend of the Andersons, brought her 1,200-pound horse, Scout to the thrift store in hopes of a miracle. The horse had a cancerous tumor on its eye.

    Andy and Mary said the store is filled with a strong, undeniable presence of God. Even people who are driving by seem to be drawn to stop in for a visit.

    Victoria Woodward of Hesperia was the first person who was prayed for on the prayer couch three years ago.

    “It’s interesting to me that God would use a thrift store with used, old, and discarded things to perform miracles. Isn’t it just like God, to use the weakness of man to display His power!” ~Mary Crothers-Anderson

    “I was driving by and I was just broken and in tears. I pulled into the parking lot and just felt lead to go in. Andy could tell I needed help. We talked about what I was going through and Andy took me to sit down and pray,” said Woodward. “After we prayed I was shocked to look up and see his wife, Mary. I knew her from years ago and here she was, now married to Andy and praying for me. It was a miracle!”

    Dan La Vigne of Hesperia has been a volunteer, working with the Andersons for over four years. “It’s not just a business. When people come in we pray for their needs,” said, La Vigne.

    Desert Chapel’s new location offers everything from housewares and clothing to collectibles and furniture. They also carry electronics, antiques, and appliances. Prices range from $2 for clothing (excluding coats and heavy sweaters) all the way up to $250 for collectibles. They even have a nice array of Christmas décor.

    “Apparently God not only has a sense of humor but also enjoys a bit of irony,” said Mary. “I say this because it’s interesting to me that He would use a thrift store with used, old, and discarded things to perform miracles. Isn’t it just like God, to use the weakness of man to display His power!”

    Whether you are looking for an antique or a Christmas miracle, Andy and Mary Anderson hope you’ll stop by and check out their new location.

    Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

    For more information, call 760-985-8181.