March30 , 2023

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    The Deaf Bible Society announced amazing developments in sign language Bible translation.

    There are more than 400 variations of sign languages in the world and 95% of the Deaf communities don’t have its own Bible. The Deaf Bible Society (DBS) said 28 sign languages now have parts of the Scripture translated and available on the Deaf Bible App and website. People can access Bible passages anytime and anywhere.

    We’ve just been so astonished to see God’s hand at work among the Deaf community at large. —Chantel Pagan, Deaf Bible Society

    In an interview with Mission Network News, Chantel Pagan of Deaf Bible Society said, “It’s just been astounding to see God align strategic partnerships with translation organizations who are physically and actively working to excel in translations for sign languages around the world and provide that content to our Deaf Bible platform.”

    Pagan added that, “We’ve just been so astonished to see God’s hand at work among the Deaf community at large.”

    For some, having the Bible translated in 28 sign languages may not seem a big accomplishment, but knowing the history of the Deaf communities would give people some perspective.

    Sign languages, including the American Sign Language, have only been recognized as an official language in the past century. Also, translating the Bible into sign language was not available until the use of video recording devices.

    In January this year, 40,000 college students gathered for the Passion Conference and raised $450,000 to help the translation of the Bible for deaf individuals. The event was part of the Hope in Every Language campaign, which helps collect funds and distribute Bibles translated into various sign languages.

    The funds will help the DBS in translating the New Testament into unique sign languages used in different countries, including Africa, Cuba, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and South Sudan, reports World Religion News. The translated Bibles will benefit 70 million deaf individuals in the world.

    DBS highlighted the importance for Christians to have their own Bibles since “complete comprehension of the Bible is a must to understand the scriptures.”