December2 , 2022

    Churches in Ireland Pour in Donations for Ukraine


    Group Gives 10,000 Bibles to London’s Children

    The Trinitarian Bible Society announced that over 10,000 Bibles have been given to London schools within three years.

    ‘Praise the Lord!’ Ukrainian Christians Cheer Kherson Liberation

    Ukrainian Christians celebrate the liberation of Kherson with cheers of praise and thanksgiving, seven months after Russia occupied the city.

    JESUS Film Makes History, Now Translated in 2,000 Languages

    The JESUS film makes history as it is now translated into its 2,000th language making it the most translated film of all time.

    U.S. Renews Calls Against Blasphemy Laws

    The United States joined 15 countries in expressing concern over international blasphemy laws.

    Franklin Graham Attracts Record-breaking Audience in Italy

    More than 13,200 people gathered for an evangelical outreach led by Franklin Graham in Milan, Italy on October 29.


    Christians in Ireland heeded the call for donations to help Ukraine.

    Parishes across Ireland have raised more than $3.5 million (£2.69 million) in response to the crisis in Ukraine.

    When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, church leaders immediately asked for monetary assistance for the victims of the conflict. UN revealed more than 10 million people have been displaced by the war and at least 5 million left the country. About 7,000 Ukrainian refugees are now in Ireland, reports Premier Christian News.

    The Archbishop of Armagh and the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference issued a statement thanking the parishes in the country for the “enormous generosity and compassion.”

    “It is also heartening that some parish communities have established direct links with Ukrainian parishes and local charitable projects to support refugees and those remaining in Ukraine.”

    Meantime, the Church of Ireland released a further $45,500 (£35,000) to Christian Aid and Habitat for Humanity in support of humanitarian efforts in eastern Europe, reports News Letter.

    Partner agencies concentrate on helping people displaced within Ukraine and those who fled to neighboring countries such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. The donation is a big help in providing food, shelter, medical supplies, travel money, and other urgent expenses.

    “Irish people north and south are known for being big-hearted. The plight of the Ukrainian people has touched many hearts, which is reflected in the generous response to the Ukraine appeal across the Church of Ireland,” said Rev. Ferran Glenfield, bishop of Kilmore.

    Prince Charles praises Britons

    Prince Charles used his Easter message to pay tribute to those helping Ukraine. He praised the people across the UK for sending aid and opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees, reports British TV network ITV.

    Photo: Yahoo News UK

    The Prince of Wales said, “Today, millions of people find themselves displaced, wearied by their journey from troubled places, wounded by the past, fearful of the future – and in need of a welcome, of rest and of kindness.”

    He added it had been “profoundly moving to see how so many people are ready to open their homes to those in need, and how they have offered their time and their resources to help those facing such soul-destroying sorrow and hardship.”

    The UK launched Homes for Ukraine, a government-funded scheme linking sponsors with Ukrainian refugees. More than 200,000 people have expressed interest in taking in families from the war-torn country.

    While not mentioning Ukraine by name, the future king is known to support those who are persecuted, particularly Christians in countries where it is illegal to be a believer. Recently, he visited the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London in support of the Ukrainian community.

    Prince Charles concluded with, “This Easter, as always, we are reminded of Our Lord’s timeless example of goodness in the face of suffering, of courage in the face of fear, of faith in the face of despair. His light triumphed in that dark time.”