March30 , 2023

    Christians in UK Urged to Follow Govt Guidelines in Church


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    A Christian health expert in the UK advised Christians to “take responsibility” and conform to the government’s pandemic guidelines even in church.

    In an interview with Premier Christian News, Professor Francis Davis, a board member of a National Health Service (NHS) trust, said wearing of face masks should be done not only when inside shops, but also when doing activities inside the church.

    “It is about making sure that the whole day, the whole week, house groups, small groups are balanced,” he explained. “I think we just need to take responsibility in every aspect of our lives, but particularly those that do what we do in church and around the community and Bible studies.”

    The UK has recorded its lowest level of Covid-related deaths in six months and there are indications that the government will ease certain restrictions soon.

    I think we just need to take responsibility in every aspect of our lives, but particularly those that do what we do in church and around the community and Bible studies. —Professor Francis Davis, Christian health expert

    Health minister Robin Swann said the time is right for executive to discuss about relaxing some of the restrictions to offer people, especially those with businesses, something to look forward to. He added that the updated guidelines “has to be the promotion of personal and societal well-being.”

    After a year of the pandemic, people are tired of staying at home and missing opportunities to meet family ad friends in person. Swann warned that, “Covid fatigue risks itself mutating into Covid despair. Frustration is growing and if unchecked, it may impact on adherence with public health advice.”

    However, the minister pointed out that easing restrictions has its risks. “Despite the success of our vaccination program, as people mix more, the virus will spread more, with all that may mean.”

    Swann assured that the government will try to come up with balanced guidelines that re-opens the economy, gives some freedom for social events and keeps citizens safe as well.

    Professor Davis reminded Christians to keep praying since lockdown is still in effect. “There are some of us, because of our age and stage, or our skill set or our temperament, that are called to pray by being and by praising. Others of us, of course, are called to pray and to be present by serving. So, we need to maintain both of those and then not use the lifting of lockdown as an excuse to retreat from public service into only private prayer.”