December2 , 2022

    Christians Denounce a Video Game as ‘Blasphemous’


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    Christians used social media to criticize the trailer of a new video game, I Am Jesus Christ.

    In I Am Jesus Christ, players are allowed to pretend to be Jesus Christ and perform the miracles He did more than 2,000 years ago. The simulator game starts from Jesus’ baptism and ends in His resurrection. Players can fight with Satan, cure the sick, walk on water, and even get crucified, according to Canadian Christian radio station, CHVN Radio.

    I have lots of questions about what type of representation of Jesus this game actually has and enforces. —Micheal Boyce, Vice President Academic and Dean Associate Professor at Booth University College

    Micheal Boyce, Vice President Academic and Dean Associate Professor, English and Film Studies Program at Booth University College, said, while the trailer just gave a glimpse of what the game actually is, “A lot of Christians would not be comfortable with being Jesus.”

    Boyce added that, “I have lots of questions about what type of representation of Jesus this game actually has and enforces. Jesus isn’t cut and dry. Someone playing a video game where they are being Jesus gives such a limited perspective of who Jesus is.”

    The teaser video has more than six million views on Twitter. The description from game distributor Steam reads: “I Am Jesus Christ is a realistic simulator game inspired by the stories from the New Testament of the Bible.”

    “Get into old times and follow the same path of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.”

    “The game is covering the period from the Baptizing of Jesus Christ and to the Resurrection.”

    “Have you ever wondered [what it would be like] to be like Him – one of the most powerful and privileged people in the world.”

    The trailer has sparked controversy among the online Christian community, reports Berkshire Live.

    Many called the game, ‘blasphemous,’ disrespectful to Christianity, and some were uncomfortable with the concept of I Am Jesus Christ. One social media user commented: “Not psyched about the gamification of my faith.”