March24 , 2023

    Christian Charities Unite for Ukraine


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    It’s almost a month since Russia first attacked Ukraine and the assaults continue to this day. The news is filled with heartbreaking stories of families torn apart, a horde of Ukrainians fleeing to seek safety in neighboring countries, and brave civilians making the difficult decision of staying to protect their country. The invasion has destroyed homes, infrastructures and livelihoods, and around 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine have left, millions more are displaced within the country.

    Christian charities are working double-time to send aid to Ukraine. In South Florida, churches launched fundraising activities to help the European country, reports local news website WPTV.

    St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Broward County raised $3,500 to buy supplies in Poland to be delivered in Ukraine.

    Iryna Maxfield, an expatriate from Ukraine who now lives in the US, is frightened of what’s happening to her native country. “What they are going through right now, it’s getting worse and worse,” she said. “And the supplies are ending like nothing is working. So all kinds of help are appreciated.”

    Since the war in Ukraine began on February 24, we have experienced a tremendous need to provide Scriptures in the Ukrainian language for people trapped in Ukraine as well as refugees who have fled to neighboring countries for safety. —Christian Aid Ministries

    The Slavic Bible Church in Boca Raton raised $10,000 for Ukraine. They also hosted an event with an immigration attorney to provide free legal assistance to Ukrainians who want to leave the country.

    Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) based in Ohio has been closely monitoring the events in Europe. The group revealed that while Ukrainians are saving their families from bomb and missile attacks, they also have to deal with freezing temperatures and food shortages. Many refugees are still trapped in borders, waiting to finally flee the war.

    CAM prioritizes the most vulnerable Ukrainians who crossed to Romania. Tents are set up near the border and people are provided with quick meals, warm clothes, and Christian literature. One of the group’s contacts said, “Since the war in Ukraine began on February 24, we have experienced a tremendous need to provide Scriptures in the Ukrainian language for people trapped in Ukraine as well as refugees who have fled to neighboring countries for safety.”

    Foreign charities are also sending much needed assistance to Ukraine. Christian Aid in the UK works with Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in transferring aid to displaced civilians. Partner churches opened their buildings to offer a safe place to Ukranians.

    Patrick Watt, interim chief executive of Christian Aid, said, “Ukraine is witnessing a terrible humanitarian tragedy.” He pleaded for a ceasefire and complete protection of civilians and key services. “The UK Government must also stand ready to support humanitarian efforts, including welcoming vulnerable people fleeing the conflict.”

    Meantime, another Christian relief agency in the UK asked for prayers for Ukraine. Prayers are powerful in granting strength and protection to those in need, healing physical and emotional wounds, and opening the eyes of people. Ukraine needs all the prayers it can get during this tumultuous time.

    On Tearfund’s website, a page was dedicated to a list of suggestions on what to pray for and different creative prayer ideas. People can pray for those affected by the violence, leaders, the church, and for peace. The organization also suggested the following ways to pray: fasting, scripture, using a map to pray for a certain location, baking bread, and lighting a candle.

    Government leaders are working together to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Let’s do our part in sending love and compassion to our brothers and sisters affected by the war.